Today’s Marketing Cookie – Unusual Equipment For Success

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Today's Marketing Cookie - You have unusual equipment for success, use it...

"You have unusual equipment for success, use it properly"

Today’s fortune came from Robert Fields of Southborough, MA. Bob is the fearless founder of CommCreative. Over the past twenty-five years he has created a unique culture of respect, healthy work/life balance, and upholding the highest standard of excellence in whatever we create for our clients.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about great marketers like you.

Most marketers are like you. They are creatively innovative spirits – all the way down to their core, they are endlessly energetic about achieving success, and charismaticly tuned for delivering happiness.  Marketers have to be this way, because without creativity, innovation, energy and charisma, companies would fall flat and cease to inspire attraction, affection and loyalty with their customers. As someone once said, “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”, and I believe it’s true. 

The world needs you my friends. The strengths and personality traits of great marketers like you, however quirky they may be, are moving into the driver’s seat for some of the most successful companies in the world… both large and small. Every touch point with the customer is an opportunity for marketers like you to deliver satisfaction. Every aspect of product innovation and development is influenced by marketers like you who have the ability to understand the needs and demands of the customer. Every word and visual connected with the corporate brand image is managed by marketers like you who can serve as the voice of the company. 

Talented marketers like you have a wealth of opportunity and an exciting future ahead of you. You have the right stuff to make all the right moves. Marketers like you can turn singers into rock stars, actors and athletes into idols, services into saviors and products into gold. You are more powerful than you may realize, and I implore you to be responsible, be respectful and to always remember that, to whom much is given, much is expected. As today’s fortune says, “You have unusual equipment for success, use it properly”

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