Aldo PR stunt offers free shoes for Instagram photos

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I swore I’d never again let someone take pictures of my feet and post them online.
That’s the kind of thing you only fall for once twice. But if I could score a pair of new kicks from the deal, I might put my big toe and company back on display. Footwear brand Aldo did something similar as part of a recent street campaign in Israel. The shoe retailer asked pedestrians to upload photos of their shoes along with sizing information and the hashtag #aldo. In return, participants got a box containing a new pair of Aldo shoes.

If it so desired, Aldo could make a calendar from all of those Instagram photos thanks to Printstagram, which launched a new service that allows users to turn their favorite filtered images into a tear-off calendar.

You could use that calendar to track the progress of your 30-day novel writing challenge. While finishing a book is a taxing experience, The Guardian insists that with the proper structure and a commitment to the method, you could draft your first, full outline in a month.

We’ll need to wait a bit more than a month to steal a peek of Banana Republic’s next “Mad Men” collection. The retailer will debut a third version of fashions inspired by the 1960s period drama this spring when the AMC show returns for its sixth season.

But before retailers focus too heavily on spring, they’ll have to get through the holidays. As expected, much of their emphasis will be placed on Black Friday strategies. Concerned that many of these strategies might have grown stale, Multichannel Merchant offers five tips for brands to shake up their holiday “remarketing” campaign.

Even before the post-Thanksgiving sales madness, a number of brands are concentrating on what remains of the fall season. This includes numerous coffee chains, each of which has pogoed onto the pumpkin trend. But what exactly is in all those spiced lattes and ciders we’re throwing down the hatch? Huffington Post investigates.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration is investigating the deaths of five people over the last three years potentially related to the consumption of a beverage of another kind—Monster Energy. While the cases don’t prove a link between the deaths and the popular energy drink, news of the tragic cases, which appeared in The New York Times, caused the stock price of Monster’s parent company to plummet on Monday.

The number of problems you experience at the office might plummet if you cop to doing any of these 10 things that make you look clueless when starting a new gig.

Speaking of new gigs, Clark Kent is leaving the Daily Planet. In the latest issue of “Superman,” the Man of Steel quits his reporter job with the Metropolis newspaper after more than 70 years of service. Word is he’s going to start a blog (seriously).

If online journalism doesn’t work, Superman could try the PR and marketing industry. But would he lean towards an agency or the alluring world of startups? According to Digiday, it’s a real-life battle for talent that agencies could win.

Then again, maybe Superman would rather leave behind a desk job and go to work flipping burgers and cooking up French fries. If so, he could gain a little insight from McDonald’s Canada, where the fast food chain is showing exactly how its fries are made.

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