Hotsy-totsy! A brief guide to 1920s slang

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I suppose they didn’t call it the “Roaring Twenties” for nothing. Even the language of yesteryear was more fun. Don’t believe me? Well, that’s just applesauce. Perhaps you’ll believe The Atlantic Wire, which put together this brief guide to some of the best vernacular slung around the 1920s.

Recently, Advertising Age also dove back in time, digging up a nostalgic Folgers coffee commercial from the 1960s. It seems this 60-second, black and white spot could have saved a few marriages.

Although they say Folgers is the best part of waking up, I’m going to disagree and say it’s “Troy and Abed in the Morning.” The two “Community” personas reunite in a new video, along with the rest of the show’s cast, to help explain why NBC has failed to give fans an accurate date for the program’s fourth season return.

Meanwhile, you had better have a friend returning from Japan if you want to try Burger King’s new pumpkin burger. Although it would seem to make the perfect Halloween menu item, the creation is available for a limited time only overseas.

Speaking of Halloween, the holiday kicks off a spell of odd occupational opportunities. From haunted hayride “bone collectors” and a headless horseman to vampires and even party supervisors, CNBC tells us how to find some of these seasonal odd jobs.

With it getting colder out, theme parks are likely seeing fewer visitors than during the spring and summer months. However, a new international crop of trademarked theme parks and entertainment companies are providing a valuable lesson to marketers on how to better cultivate brand ambassadors on behalf of their clients. Sparksheet explains.

As for defining one’s brand, look no further than The Hallmark Channel. NPR explains why the network is one of basic cable’s most clearly defined brands.

Unfortunately, Beyoncé and Jay-Z won’t be defining any sort of brand on their daughter’s name, Blue Ivy. The royal couple of hip-hop has lost its trademark battle with a Boston event planning company, Blue Ivy Events. (via The Daily Beast)

Hip-hop icon Kanye West’s brand seems to be expanding on its own, thanks in large part to the Internet’s love of a good meme. The rapper is the co-subject of a new mashup on Tumblr, Kayne Wes, hilariously pairing the musician with famed director and screenwriter Wes Anderson for what can only be described as pure, hipster nirvana.

I’m not sure how to describe these signs from around the world, so I’ll just borrow Travel + Leisure’s word for them: funny.

Funny isn’t the word I would use to describe the political air leading into Monday night’s debate, the third and final meeting between President Obama and Gov. Romney prior to the election. Thankfully, CollegeHumor offers 10 ways to make the candidates’ square-off more exciting.

When it comes to online shopping, Jenny Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman, co-founders of Rent the Runway, are offering regular-sized women a way to see what clothes look like on someone who isn’t a rail thin, airbrushed model.

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