Anonymous Names Second Man in Amanda Todd Case

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Hacker-activist group, Anonymous, released detailed online records of a man who goes by the online pseudonym, Viper, after the group incorrectly identified another man as Amanda Todd’s tormentor days earlier.

Todd is the 15-year-old Canadian girl who recently took her own life after being incessantly bullied both online and off for three years. Todd made a Youtube video detailing her torment and begging for help one month earlier.

The identifying information was posted on Pastebin—a website frequently used to post small snippets of information or computer code by the group—and includes Viper’s profile on several child pornography sharing websites, as well as his real name and city of residence.

Investigators said anonymous did not have sufficient proof when they identified the first suspect, who was later identified as someone as someone to whom Todd had actually gone for help. He pointed the finger at the current suspect.

In a letter to Canadian television station, CTV, anonymous wanted “to clarify that [we] do not like having to deal with police directly but in this case we felt obligated to use our ability to protect children. This is a story to which we are not indifferent.”

But investigators’ jobs may be hampered when people take for granted that what anonymous posts is factual and the alleged suspects find themselves at the mercy of an Internet lynch-mob before an official investigation—especially one that involves the serious accusation of child-pornography—can begin.

In one case, a Calgary woman called an Ontario man’s employer and had him fired from his job for trolling Amanda Todd’s memorial page on Facebook called Bullying Awareness , which urges users to report online abuse and cyberbullying. The man, Justin Hutchings, told the Toronto Star that he wanted to “stir up the pot,” when he posted: “Thank God this b—- is dead.”

Meanwhile, Todd’s bullying continues after her death. Another Facebook page is apparently aimed a denigrating Amanda Todd’s memory. The group’s members are identified by their Facebook profiles, although it is entirely possible some of the profiles are bogus. Readers have pointed to auto-generated ads on other web sites, ones hosting child pornography.

Image source: Leggilo

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