Unretouched images of Victoria’s Secret supermodel rereleased

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It’s difficult to keep sensitive information under wraps—no need to tell Google that—which is why trust is so critical. Take me, for instance. I’ve never said a word about my brother’s “accident” at school when he had to go home to change pants … and I never will. Victoria’s Secret, on the other hand, needs some practice keeping its own. Raw photos from a shoot with supermodel Doutzen Kroes have reappeared online after they were leaked—and then removed from the Web—in August.
Jezebel notes that while there aren’t any real Photoshop fails, it’s interesting to see what photographers did (and didn’t) touch up.

American Apparel goes ‘Godfather’ in latest Photoshop #FAIL

Victoria’s Secret “Sexy Little Geisha” outfit might be off the table as a Halloween costume, but at least there will be plenty of candy options from which to choose. If you’re worried about overindulging, look to Health.com’s guide to Halloween treats. The best part is the list of fun facts on each of our favorite fun size confectionaries.

This Halloween season will probably be rife with costumes of Honey Boo Boo Child and Mama June from TLC’s hit. This week, the (in)famous mother-daughter pair are responding to Christopher Walken and company’s hilarious reading of dialogue from the show with a humorous reading of some of the actor’s most memorable lines. One question: Where are the subtitles when you need them?

Sure, the Honey Boo Boo clan doesn’t sound like the brightest neon nail polish in the Nicki Minaj collection, but neither will you if you persist in using, like, any of these five crutch words—honestly.

These contestants didn’t need any help sounding less than intelligent given their collective stupid game-show answers.

That sort of material confirms television as the gift that keeps on giving. But Target isn’t too far off. The Los Angeles Times reports that the retailer will offer free Wi-Fi at all of its stores this holiday season, as well as new smartphone navigation.

If you can’t find a holiday gift for your boss at Target, and you work in advertising, trying picking him or her up a pair of custom kicks? Ad Kicks is a new project by Illi Fernandez, a Chicago-based creative who claims to be just “trying to get her foot in the door” by designing shoes for various creative directors. (via AgencySpy)

I don’t think it’d make that great of a gift, but O.J. Simpson is said to be selling the alleged murder weapon—a knife—he may have used to kill his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, as well as her friend, Ron Goldman.

Meanwhile, I’d be happy this Christmas if all I received was a stocking filled with peanut butter, especially after fears about a purported peanut shortage sent prices skyward. Thankfully, The Wall Street Journal is now reporting a record harvest for U.S. peanut farmers this year.

Speaking of peanuts, Planters NUT-rition line has partnered with Zipcar on a new promotion called the “Every Day Local Adventures Zipstagram Contest,” in which consumers enter using Instagram to check-in at various “adventure” points.

New service enables brands to hold Pinterest contests

Social media contests aside, Twitter has begun censoring its users for the first time.
The censorship occurred in Germany, so Americans can rest easy—for now.

The presidential candidates may have censored themselves on Thursday night when they swapped their campaign trail barbs for light-hearted jokes during the 67th annual Al Smith white-tie charity dinner. President Obama, for instance, received a standing ovation for this gag: “Everyone please take your seats, otherwise Clint Eastwood will yell at them.” Meanwhile, Gov. Romney ribbed the president about his infamous “you didn’t build that” statement.

8 viral memes from the 2012 election

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