Google Launches Nonprofit Campaigns on YouTube

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campaigns, youtube, nonprofits, social media, online organizingParticipants of Google’s YouTube Nonprofit program can now host a thermometer showing progress toward a goal, such as number of views or number of new channel subscribers, Google said Friday.

Nonprofit users can link the campaign thermometer to one or more videos. It will also show up on their channel landing page.

“Ever pasted together 108 sheets of paper and drawn a giant thermometer to track your nonprofit’s campaign goal? Did you go through 27 red markers and then feel faint from their scent after trying to color it in? Well, chuck those markers and recycle that paper, because … there is a new thermometer in town,” a company blog post crowed.

The thermometer apparently does not support money donated as a metric. YouTube does offer a donate button that allows viewers to donate to nonprofits directly from the video-hosting site. At the beginning of this year, YouTube began displaying the donate button more prominently.

The YouTube Nonprofit Program, launched in 2007, has 18,000 participating organizations.

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