10 random tweets from dead U.S. presidents

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Funny thing about dead presidents: Some of the more clever ones on Twitter are also among the least known. For instance, eighth president Martin Van Buren—his Twitter handle is @MartyVanBuren, naturally—is a grumpy old cuss, who’s been locked in a tweet-off with the man who preceded him, President Andrew Jackson.

Meanwhile, Millard Fillmore, the 13th president of the United States who in his Twitter handle claims he resembles Alec Baldwin, likes to weigh in on current events.

The Twitter accounts of Fllmore, Van Buren, and others offer an amusing and sometimes inspiring respite from the acrimony surrounding the 2012 election.

Here are 10 tweets from dead presidents, some of which are humorous, others inspiring, and a few that are just plain weird:

@Pres_Washington: There are numerous accounts dedicated to the first president, and this one is almost never updated. However, it has offered this gem:

@PresidentAdams: Like many of the other ex-presidents on Twitter, the second commander-in-chief has an admirable line his bio: “I am John Adams, the bad boy your mother warned you about.” Nicely done, President Adams. Recently, he offered this tweet on GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s hair:

@ThomasJefferson: Unlike the previous two accounts mentioned, this Jefferson feed offers interesting and inspiring quotes from the third president, such as this rather thought-provoking tidbit about the media:

@FillmoreMillard: As mentioned earlier, Fillmore likes to chime in on current events, to humorous effect.

The 16th president is an inspiration in his actions and words, and that’s exactly what this Twitter feed provides, inspiration through his words.

@PresRBHayes: The 19th president likes to exchange tweets with former ex-presidents on Twitter. He also enjoys a good hashtag:

@PresidentTaft: The 27th president holds at least two records. He is the only commander in chief to serve as chief justice of the Supreme Court, which he did after serving as president. And most historians agree he was the largest president—morbidly obese, in fact.

@PresEisenhower: The president who served during most of the 1950s offers a gentle reminder of his accomplishments:

@NixonAgnew2012: This Twitter feed claims Richard Nixon and his vice president Spiro Agnew are making a run for the White House in 2012. In the process, they serve up some rather amusing tweets:

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