Glenn Beck launches denim line to thwart ‘socialist’ Levi’s

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If there are two things in life I know for sure, it’s that 1) never trust someone who collects stickers (thank you, Chelsea Handler), and 2) there are no substitutes for your favorite pair of jeans. Thankfully, I have my Levi’s 510 denims to wear while I plot my foils on Lisa Frank. However, Glenn Beck can’t say the same of his Levi’s—not since the brand launched an ad campaign that he dubbed “European socialist,” “Go Forth.” In response to the ads, the right wing political pundit and radio personality launched his all-America denim and clothing line, 1791. Watch a couple of the spots for the new apparel below.

Another clothier is facing a protest of its own: Consumers are up in arms over a potentially racist Gap T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Manifest Destiny,” a 19th century term used to promote westward expansion of the continental U.S.—and justify crimes against Native Americans. Many people are outraged that the store was promoting a belief that had resulted in the mass genocide and oppression of indigenous people. The brand has since pulled the shirt from its shelves.

Other retailers and brands including Sephora and MLB Shop—the online store of Major League Baseball—are turning to Pinterest to help move products off their shelves and generate larger holiday revenues.

How Pinterest can boost your press release results

Meanwhile, retailers Target and Neiman Marcus are using an exclusive sponsorship of the Nov. 11 episode of ABC’s “Revenge” to unveil their collaborative holiday collection.

The holiday season will also see the end of Newsweek—in print. The 80-year-old magazine announced Wednesday morning that it would transition to an all-digital format in early 2013. Its final issue will be Dec. 31, 2012.

Newsweek drops print: Here’s how Twitter reacted to the news

Even in the world of digital, designers for news publications require at least a working knowledge of typography. To help, Creative Bloq has compiled some basic rules and terms to learn when it comes to the fundamentals of type.

The fundamentals of proper grammar are also important to know, particularly online. As Cirquedumot’s Susan Silver notes, there are no second chances to make a good first impression with a blog that contains grammatical errors. Although she also wishes the Web’s grammar police would offer more constructive criticism in their comments.

Language errors can hurt your company’s reputation

I don’t think any amount of constructive criticism could aid Lance Armstrong right now. But after getting dumped by both Nike and Anheuser-Busch, and stepping down as chairman of his cancer charity Livestrong, at least one person is standing by him. Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel insists that Armstrong’s supporters are abandoning him at the wrong time.

Related:Armstrong’s team issues strongly worded rebuttal to doping report

A cash-strapped soccer team in Greece just scored a new sponsor that knows a thing or two about scoring—because it’s a brothel.

Obama’s camp might score some additional support with a few new political ads, and in fact, you could star in one of them. Creativity reports that mobile photo booth app GoldRun partnered with pro bono site AdYourVoice to enable users to create their own political ads for the president, as well as posters and stickers to post on Facebook and Twitter.

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