Olympic diver makes a splash with awkward product placement

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Talk about having a real gas with your branding. Two-time Olympian and English diver Tom Daley was the butt of laughs after U.K. home service provider British Gas unfortunately placed its logo on the back of his Speedo. I just hope whoever is in charge of the company’s sponsorships doesn’t feel like too much of an ass.

Richard Neill, however, might. After posting a now viral comedic rant to his Facebook page that claimed commercials for Bodyform Maxi Pads were deceptive in their happy depiction of women on their periods, the company has since responded what can only be described as one of the best satirical apologies by a brand ever, including its creation of faux CEO, Caroline Williams.

There was nothing satirical or remotely ironic about Paul Ryan’s appearance at an Ohio soup kitchen on Saturday. In fact, the Republican vice presidential hopeful is under fire for the incident after claims he barged in without permission at the “apolitical” charity for a staged photo-op.

Meanwhile, the rest of the political world had its eyes glued to the town hall staging of the second presidential debate on Tuesday. While our scorecard gives Obama the victory over Romney, I’m curious to see how the fact checkers responded to the candidates’ claims. Luckily, an assembly of Forbes writers did it live via Twitter.

Social media winners and losers of Tuesday’s debate

Speaking of debates, The Daily Beast provided this collection of the 10 greatest fictional ones, including the movie “Clueless” and even ABC’s “Modern Family.”

Family might be what the holidays are all about, but this year it appears their actually about spending, according to analysis from the National Retail Federation. The organization predicts a four percent hike over last year’s season of giving, expecting stores and retailers to take in more than $586.1 billion.

That’s sure a lot of money to spend, but how much would you be willing to fork over for a “good” cup of coffee? According to an ABC report, elephant dung coffee, made from what is known as Black Ivory beans, is among the world’s most expensive and exclusive. The coffee, priced at $1,100 per kilogram, is offered at Anantara Resorts properties in the Maldives, as well as its Golden Triangle property in Thailand.

Study: PR is now the fourth-most-caffeinated profession

However, if you’re merely thirsting for a Coke to drink, it’ll only cost you a dance from a new vending machine found in South Korea.

A vending machine favorite is under attack in one New Mexico school. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are facing a ban at Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School after a health teacher cited the snack as a nutritional hazard, with many students often eating the junk food in place of meals. Schools in Illinois and California have already banned the snack.

With students being kept away from Cheetos, and PR pros advised to avoid these eight foods, I’ll be curious to see other options that exist for longtime publishing executive Merri Lee Kingsly as she launches a new food-focused agency. The spinoff shop, named Palate, will be dedicated to helping food and beverage brands capitalize on emerging trends.

One of those trends might be the Instagram menu—if the idea takes off for one new restaurant in New York.

On Oct. 23 you might be checking those menu items on a new iPad mini. The Los Angeles Times reports that Apple has sent out invitations for an event slated for that day, in which many people are speculating that the smaller scale tablet will make its debut.

Bill Murray doesn’t feel he needs an invitation, though. And we happen to agree. The actor Ghostbusted in to an adult kickball game in New York. Read an account of the awesome encounter here.

Ikea could have probably used Mr. Murray’s presence. As part of a recent campaign, the furniture retailer enlisted local volunteers to help it move stores in Bergen, Norway.

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