Today’s Marketing Cookie – Make It Work Out

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Today's Marketing Cookie - Make decisions from the heart...

"Make decisions from the heart and use your head to make it work out."

Today’s fortune came from Linda Odineca of Boston, MA. Linda is a marketing specialist at Lista International Corporation.  She also writes a popular Career Advice Blog where she shared her successful journey as a MBA graduate looking to find permanent employment. Although she found a job, she has continued writing her blog as a way to share her knowledge, and anecdotes, about every day work life, social media. You should follow Linda on Twitter: @Linder83

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about being smart enough to make it work out.

Back in June, I received a similar fortune and wrote about how decisions from the heart do not follow logic or reason. I shared how in getting married we followed our hearts and would let our head work it out. It was a good cookie I think, and I invite you to read it if you have some time for a little story. Today’s fortune however, is not identical to the one from June, because it adds the word, “make”. Yes, it says, we are to “use our head to make it work out.” That one word changes everything.

Today’s fortune still gives us permission to follow our hearts, and defer the consequences of our most irrational decisions until later… but it no longer permits the acceptance of failure. There’s no giving up, caving in, or punching out. You must now take responsibility for the decisions you’ve made with your heart, no matter how crazy or impossible they may be, and then have the fortitude to make it work out. With today’s fortune, there won’t be any do-overs, mulligans, or restarts. No. I think you are already smart enough in fact to make anything work. I believe you are strong enough to carry your baggage, and I can see that you are resourceful enough to make lemonade from lemons.

While there is no question that you have the capability and capacity to make it all work out, only you know if you have the courage to try. Ohh, believe me… Your heart will make all kinds of illogical, irrational, and nonsensical decisions on your behalf. Sometimes it won’t be easy to sleep in the bed you’ve made for yourself, but if you have a heart of gold, it will be well worth the time and effort it takes to nurture such investments. Take it from me, the idea of getting married at twenty years old, was one of the stupidest decisions my heart has ever requested, and I thank God every day that I was smart enough to listen!


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