Inbound Marketing Week in Review: October 7, 2012

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We’ve visited some familiar inbound marketing topics this week, including content marketing, SEO, strategy, generating leads and KPIS, but we have strived to shine a whole new light on them. You can find out how content can help increase search visibility, how to succeed in inbound marketing by learning from the best in the business and so much more! So read on to find out how these well-known topics are new again. Enjoy! 

How Content Influences Personalized Search – and SEO Rank

If your content isn’t good, relevant and shared widely, your chances of showing up in a search are greatly diminished. Many of our clients still think that if you optimize your pages carefully with keywords, you have a good chance of ranking on Page 1 of Google or Bing. Well, it’s true that if you don’t optimize your content for strategic keywords, you hurt your chances of being found via search. But there’s a lot more to the story these days. Check out these key roles that your content plays in determining your search visibility…

5 Traits of Successful Inbound Marketers—Learning from the Best

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of being around some successful and admired inbound marketers, and I would have wasted a wonderful opportunity had I not taken a few notes. I have always had the innate desire to learn as much as I could from the people around me—soak in information like a sponge—and it has really paid off. I have not only seen, but also learned and tried to apply, the traits or characteristics of those who have been successful in the inbound marketing world. So here, I share them with you so you, too, can succeed with inbound marketing…

5 Tips for Generating Quality Leads with Social Media

Even today, social media still receives a bad rap in some marketing and sales circles. The primary reason: The way marketers often use social media (brand awareness, community building) lacks quantifiable metrics. Sure, you may think you’re generating quality leads with social media through Twitter conversations and posting fun photos on Facebook or Google+, but the pressure is on to definitively measure success. Find out the clearest path to illustrating success here…

How Inbound Marketing is Improving Marketing’s Bad Reputation

Today’s marketers adapt the worst marketing practices to new tools like email, paid search ads, mobile and social media. The mantra continues to be “get in front of them, and they will come.” Unfortunately for most marketers, consumers now reject invasive marketing tactics of all kinds and have become adept at blocking unwanted email and online advertising. Enter Inbound Marketing…

Top 10 Inbound Marketing KPIs—The View From the Top

What’s in your Inbound Marketing scorecard? At a glance, can your Senior Management Team evaluate the progress of your inbound marketing program, ask the right questions and draw reasonable conclusions? If so, you have the ability to make adjustments to your strategy and campaigns with the goal of optimizing key performance indicators and achieving business goals. If not, you have a lot of ‘splaining to do. Without a ledger of Management-blessed KPIs, you may be reporting misleading data, leading to the wrong conclusions. Check out my Top 10 Inbound Marketing KPIs for Executives and Board members…

See you again next week! 

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