Microsoft and Agawi Invite Developers to Bring Mid-Core and MMO Games to Windows 8

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Microsoft is hoping to have plenty of games ready for download when the software company launches the new Windows 8 on October 26th. Developers can get in now through the Agawi Game Partner “AGP Gold” Program. Selected games will be featured on the Agawi Windows 8 app on the day of the launch.

Specifically, they’re looking for social mid-core games and browser-based massively multi-player online games, so you can scrap your plans for “WindowVille” or “Angry Windows.” Although Agawi started out as a cloud-based Flash game streaming service that made Facebook games for the iPad,  the company has other plans for Windows 8.

Short for “Any Game, Anywhere, Instantly,” Agawi  just launched version 2.0 of its cloud gaming platform on September 11.  The system will allow developers to move existing games to Windows 8 without having to convert any code, where they will run on Windows 8 tablets as well as PCs.

Although its partnership with Agawi  is ongoing, Microsoft will include early participants in the AGP Gold program in its promotional efforts for Windows 8.

“After teaming up with Microsoft and leveraging Windows Azure for cloud gaming, we’re excited to bring developers to the Windows 8 platform with the AGP Gold program,” said Agawi co-founder and executive chairman Peter Relan in a statement. “It’s a great opportunity for web-based mid-core and MMO game developers to make the leap over to mobile and tablet-based gaming.”

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