Inbound Marketing Week in Review: September 30, 2012

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inbound marketing content marketingWe really enjoy talking about content marketing here at Kuno Creative, as you can see by our week of content marketing-filled blogs (plus one amazingly written post about lead scoring from John). But since content marketing is such a hot topic these days, this wrap up is certainly worth a read. Enjoy! 

5 More Creative Content Marketing Ideas for the TOFU

As content marketers, part of our job is to identify and capture content, make it useful and publish it before it fades out of existence. Therefore, in the spirit of exposing the content being generated all around you, here are five top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) content marketing ideas you (probably) haven’t thought of yet…

Lead Scoring – Building a Bridge Between Marketing and Sales

Once you have established a working process to create high quality content on a regular basis, build targeted lead generation campaigns and follow up with relevant lead nurturing, the next logical step is lead scoring through marketing automation. Lead scoring gives you an opportunity to evaluate leads from the point of view of your sales team. Before you pass leads along to sales reps, they should be graded in terms of actions taken that indicate sales readiness. Check out these tips for putting together an effective lead scoring strategy…

How to Use Clever Content to Point Toward Your Product

What does educational content really mean? Educational content at the top of the funnel truly needs to inform website visitors without pushing your product or service in their faces. Provide solutions to your audience’s problems that just so happens to include what you are selling. Trust us, it works. While it works for Kuno Creative (Hey, you are reading this blog, right?), check out a few other big companies that are using this process to their advantage…

Do Content Marketers Just Eat TOFU?

I’ve read several posts lately from notable digital marketing gurus that suggest that Content Marketing is all about attracting new leads into the top of your sales funnel. There’s nothing wrong with that statement, but it’s incomplete. Content Marketing is also really good for lead conversion and lead nurturing. Check out these key ways in which content supports the entire funnel and should be the dominant asset throughout your digital marketing strategy.

Refine Your Business’ Image with Smart Content Creation Strategies

It’s no secret that the quality, novelty and impact of a business’ content determines its success in this increasingly competitive online market. What’s not so obvious to many entrepreneurs is how they can deliver on content that can capture an audience’s attention long enough for them to consider purchasing products and services. How? Read on…

Thanks for stopping by! See you next week. 

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