Today’s Marketing Cookie – Don’t Lose Your Enthusiasm

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Today's Marketing Cookie - Enthusiasm is infectious.

"Enthusiasm is infectious, stimulating, and attractive to others. People will love you for it."

Today’s fortune came from Robert Hackenson of Shewsbury, MA. Bob is a Project Manager at Winbrook, a talented marketer, a professional magician, a great family man and a good friend. I would recommend you follow Bob on Twitter: @RobertHackenson

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm may be infectious, stimulating and attractive to others… but so is success. While enthusiasm can exist without the presence of any success whatsoever, I’ve learned that success cannot exist without enthusiasm. There is an old saying I have kept which says, “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.” This proverb has kept me motivated even when my ideas have fallen short, my efforts have missed the mark, or when the work in front of me was overwhelming. 

The truth, is that while uncommon enthusiasm is attractive, and can garner a great volume of cheering, the effort and hard work required to achieve success is somewhat of a repellent. Getting down in the trenches to pull their weight is too risky for most, because of the sheer volume of failures that add up to success. Everyone loves to see someone who is crazy enough to set out on an impossible mission and try to accomplish something great. The crazier it is, the more cheering there will be. Even when invited, very few will stand up to put their shoulder behind the weight of disappointments, and push the wheels of failure forward… until some level of success has first been realized.

If you thought your enthusiasm was attractive, wait until you see what it looks like when success arrives!  After the dust has settled from all of your toils, there are some who will come to share in your success, who wouldn’t help you while you were struggling. You may feel some bitterness about including the late comers, and rightfully so, but if you are more committed to your cause than to your ego, I encourage you to embrace all who would support your ideals. If you let go, they may carry your success well beyond what you could have ever imagined.  In fact, your greatest achievement may be how much success you’ve shared with others, rather than how much you’ve earned on your own.

So finally, don’t be discouraged when you find yourself facing an impossible challenge with no other companion than your enthusiasm. It’s okay. Don’t resent others who don’t have the capability, capacity or imagination to see or understand your vision. I promise, that if you are determined to drive forward through enough failures, you will most certainly discover success… and people will love you for it!


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