Facebookers Do Not ‘Like’ Back-to-School Posts [Infographic]

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Yes, we know it’s September. There’s a sale happening? Great. We need new shoes and a backpack.  Just don’t tell us about it on Facebook.  This social data report illuminates a universal truth: No one wants to be reminded that school is lurking around the corner, especially not in front of their friends.

To come up with the infographic, social software company Expion graded 18 of the top department stores, mass merchandisers, pharmacy stores, internet retailers, warehouse stores, and even dollar stores on their fans’ reactions to their posts during the month of August.

Less than 16 percent of these status updates were about back-to-school shopping, which is a good thing, because school-related posts got 79 percent less “likes” than posts on every other subject.  Their overall Facebook engagement scores were based on an average of the top five posts in both categories and normalized by how many likes they received per post for every 10,000 fans.


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Source: feedproxy.google.com

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