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Facebook at the Republican National Convention: Politicians Finally Get Us (Mashable)
Facebook is among the tech giants roaming the halls of the Republican National Convention — the company has become intertwined with the convention, having set up Facebook “photo spots” and using the opportunity to launch a co-branded political analytics app with CNN. Interestingly, Facebook’s convention team is sharing a co-working space with Twitter. ABC Action News Tucked off to one side in the truly massive media presence at the Tampa Convention Center, the people at Google offer media types an oasis of sorts. A walk around the convention center presents the eyes with row after row of tables filled with thousands of computers and monitors. The Verge Google’s comprehensive 2012 election coverage will now include a tool to help citizens register to vote, the company revealed Tuesday morning in an announcement about new resources for voters. Google has partnered with New York nonprofit TurboVote, which collects contact information from voters and then sends them registration forms, reminders about voting and state-specific information about things like mail-in ballots. AllFacebook With the Republican National Convention in full swing, the phalanx of politicos in Tampa, Fla., is taking to Facebook to share status updates from a range of activities, including fundraising events, delegation meet-and-greets and speech preparations. The photos, links and comments mean Facebookers are getting a peek behind the curtain at the Super Bowl for politicians, aka the GOP convention. Social Times Twitter is abuzz as Mitt Romney secures the GOP presidential nomination, officially, and to celebrate C-SPAN has released a supercut of every Republican and Democratic candidate accepting the Presidential nomination since 1984. Watch as Ronald Reagan, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, Al Gore, George W. Bush, John Kerry, John McCain and Barack Obama proudly say, “I accept your nomination!” continued…

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