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Empire State Building Shooting: There’s No ‘Crime Scene Filter’ on Instagram (BetaBeat)
After the fatal shooting at the Empire State Building in New York City on Friday, every smartphone owner in the vicinity began tweeting about the drama, many uploading photos taken on the fly – to Twitter and, perhaps more strangely, Instagram. Slate When photos like this one, depicting a crumpled, bloody man on the sidewalk appear on Instagram, I wish there was an option to “dislike” it. It feels uncomfortable to see 95 “likes” — in the form of sweet little hearts — beneath an image labeled as “dead man.” The Poynter Institute Meanwhile, The New York Times explained the graphic photo it posted on its homepage. People on social media expressed plenty of opinions about the decision, as people on social media are prone to do. Mashable There are many businesses housed inside the Empire State Building, near the location of the shooting. Among those businesses is LinkedIn, which alerted Twitter followers about two hours after the shooting that all staff in its Empire State Building office were “accounted for and safe.” ABC News A search of the apartment of the gunman killed by police outside the Empire State Building showed the shooter apparently had no intention of returning home after shooting his former co-worker. Police found an envelope with his keys left behind for his landlord, leading investigators to believe he did not expect to be back. continued…

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