Are your +1’s being watched?

Yesterday Google Chief Executive Officer Larry Page announced that Google+ has reached 10 million registered users. With millions more awaiting an invitation so that they too can join this semi-exclusive club of first-gen Google+ ravers, this new social media community is indeed stirring a storm of interest that few would have expected.

Anyway, (formal introduction, check) to the point of this post, having to beg and beg and beg people for been lucky enough to receive an invite, I have been excitedly arranging my contacts into Circles, and +1-ing articles around the web that I’ve found share-worthy.

But then it occurred to me. Who exactly sees the treasures that I’ve been +1-ing? By default, your +1’s are kept visible to you and only you. 

Now that’s not really fun. The whole point of the +1 button was to publicly share what you think is interesting around the web. Frantically, I went through all the clickable buttons of the G+ dashboard but Google didn’t quite make this an easy thing to find. (yes I’m denying that I’m blind)

Finally, and with much relief as I was about to dismiss G+, I found out how to make one’s +1’s visible. And I’m going to demonstrate how it’s done too. Because among the 151 people I have in my circles, MANY and I mean like more than half, do not have the “+1’s” tab available to others on their profile page. And knowing these people either personally or as avid link-sharers on Twitter, I can confidently say that they have been intending their +1’s to be visible to their circles.

So here goes nothing:

Step 1

Navigate to your Profile Page

Step 2

Select the “+1’s” tab. Here, you’ll find all the online articles/pages you’ve +1-ed and you’ve assumed has been visible all along.

Step 3

Select Edit Profile.

Step 4

Now you will find that a new check box option appears! “Show this tab on my profile” Check that if you want your +1’s to be seen! And don’t forget to hit “Done editing.” 


And there you have it. Your +1’s are now visible and your efforts of hitting +1 buttons are not going to waste.

Disclaimer: I do not assume that everyone would want to make their +1’s visible. This article was written with a touch of humor and you can Circle this fool at


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