@MariSmith: Ten Qualities of Social Media Superstars!

Just attended a free webinar with @MariSmith, Facebook and Social Media expert. It was a privilege to be part of this interactive presentation, more than 700 people attended live online. There were a few technical difficulties with audio and video at certain parts of the presentation, but all went well. Everyone was very supportive and encouraging.

Well, I took a few notes, and I would like to post them up here to serve two purposes. One, to share with fellow social media advocates out there what @MariSmith discussed and two, so I can come back here and refresh my memory whenever I need advice on my social media work. (I can be quite a forgetful one.) And here they are.

@MariSmith talked about ten qualities she thinks are important for social media professionals to possess in order to succeed. She stressed that this list is not exhaustive and she’s sure that there are many useful tips out there as well.

Quality #1: Humility

Social media professionals should never be proud/egoistic. Always do an “ego-check” before posting messages.

Quality #2: Passion

Passion applies to any industry. @MariSmith urges that we take our true passion (not fake it) and use it to be successful.

Quality #3: An Inclusive Attitude

  • Be non-competitive, non-threatening.
  • Recommend and endorse peers
    • RT, comment on blogs, etc.
  • Treat others as equals. Do not put others down.

Quality #4: Engaging

  • Responsive to their community
  • Care deeply about others and it really shows

Quality #5: Deep Niche Knowledge

  • A breadth of industry knowledge
  • Every expert needs to know your area of expertise well.

Quality #6: A Prolific CONTENT Producer

  • OPC = Other People’s Content. Don’t continuously blast content promoting yourself. Handpick relevant and interesting information from others and post them up too.
  • Be a content curator.

Quality #7: Always Adding VALUE

  • Useful content
  • Discerning in what they say
  • Encourage others
  • Great listeners

Quality #8: 100% Consistent

  • Regular content
  • Daily engagement
  • Branding across all platforms
  • Reliable

Quality #9: A True LEADER

  • Proactively build community

Quality #10: A PROVEN Track Record

So that’s all I took down. Really useful tips for those who manage social media accounts and are looking to improve your social media presence. If I left anything out, feel free to add them in comments.

Thanks for reading!




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2 responses to “@MariSmith: Ten Qualities of Social Media Superstars!

  1. Thank you so much for posting this information. I wasn’t able to make the webinar today!

    Thanks again!

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